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Who are we ?

Why Abalon?

Abalon is the contraction of the latin prefix ab- ("never") and alone: our raison d'être is to support the finance and treasury departments in their search for financing and / or insurance of the receivable (factoring , securitisation) and thus secure and sustain the activity of companies of all sizes and in all sectors.



Our consulting services are not limited to audits or calls for tenders: our consultants support you until the signing of your contracts and coordinate project managements with your teams:

  • legal and commercial review of financing contracts / insurance policies

  • accounting and operational support

  • IT support

  • Training of people over time



Our consultants have acquired more than 10 years of experience in banking and consulting firms, in setting up financing programs for all sectors of activity in France and around the world.

At Abalon Partners, consultants are not only "experts"  but above all partners who share their experience and their time in a pragmatic and efficient manner in the service of your financing and / or insurance project.


They trust Abalon Partners

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